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throughout New Zealand.

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Welcome to
Barry Ne
wman's Official Website

Barry is a well known and respected Medium in New Zealand.

Barry's aim through giving psychic readings, is to help
and assist people through their journey of life with the greatest
respect for the client's vulnerability and integrity.

A spiritual medium uses clairvoyance and other heightened
senses to communicate with the spirit world and those
loved ones on the other side.
Join Barry to experience spiritual communication
with a psychic reading or explore the possibilities of
developing your own psychic abilities.
Through Barry, you will have the ability to communicate with
people you know in the afterlife. This can help the bereaved
come to terms with their loss which often gives closure
and reassurance as needed.

This site tells you how Barry undertakes readings and how you can contact him.

Included also is a photo Gallery which contains photos
collected from different locations throughout the South Island.